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About Us

Our History

Establishment - 1986
The global objective is to improve drip irrigation production, make it available to all and satisfactorily manage climate change. This is what sustainable development means. It is the challenge that our company has taken up.

By creating its corporate Foundation dedicated to making its contribution to the survival of our planet, Drip India is in total keeping with its time. As Drip India’s employees, we form an exceptional global community, a community which is representative of the diverse nature of our business. 


Our Foundation's message, which is to promote the long-term provision and use of Drip irrigation for the greater good of humanity is an incredible reality. It reaffirms the common awareness of belonging to a very special profession, which is vital for the development of the human society to which we belong.

Our Vision

Our Vision is supplying superior quality irrigation products and solutions that answer specific clients’ needs and support the environment with a positive ecological impact. Our success is measured by the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients, and the blossoming of our employees.

Our Mission

To create a reflection of green revolution through drip & sprinkler irrigation.


  • - Fully Automated Hi-tech Extrusion Machines
  • - Experience and Dynamic Management
  • - Distribution Network all over India
  • - Own Transportation facilities
  • - Educated and Experienced work force
  • - Quality oriented and Innovative management view
  • - After Sales service
  • - Satisfaction of the customer